What happens in a Tippy Toes Ballet Class?

At Tippy Toes we  structure our classes into three exciting sections:
Movement & Fun - The first section of the class combines a warm up with a number of imaginative ballet exercises. This is a wonderful way for your child to express themselves, whilst enjoying the benefits of ballet.
Confidence & Grace - This section of the class will focus on coordination and poise, spinning, stretching, balancing, hoping, jumping, galloping and skipping.  We combine movement and musicality to encourage self expression and confidence.
Imagination & Dance - In the last section we will be helping the children explore ballet and movement using their imagination, taking them on an inspiring themed dance adventure at the end of each class.

Where do classes take place?

Tippy Toes Ballet classes take place in local halls and dance studios.
To find out the address and map location of your class, please click on the correct area at the top of this page.

How do I book my child into a Tippy Toes Ballet class?

Email us at hello@tippytoesballet.co.uk
Alternatively you can fill out the online enquiry form  at the bottom of this page to book your child into Tippy Toes Ballet.

Tell me about fees payable?

Fees are payable on a per term basis. Your child is welcome to join at any point during the term providing there is space. Fees are then calculated on a pro rata basis.

*Please note fees are non refundable on completion of a booking form and payment

How long are the classes?

Classes are either 30 or 35 minute long, there is also time built in during the class to ask your teacher any question that you may have.

Each class is kept to a minimum number so that your child receives the individual attention that he/she requires.

Can my child do a trial class?

For those few that feel a trial class is necessary, Tippy Toes Ballet offer a three week trial pack, this must be asked for at time of enquiry.

This entitles you to 1 class each week over a three week consecutive period and is to be paid prior to the start of the first class. Once you've decided to start up at Tippy Toes Ballet the remaining balance for the term needs to be paid before the fourth lesson. Your child is welcome to wear something comfortable to move around in, and if they don't have any ballet shoes yet, then bare feet or soft shoes are fine.
There is limited availability for trial pack spaces in each class, please check before booking. One trial pack per child.

Please email us to ensure there is a Trial Pack position available in your requested class.

Email is hello@tippytoesballet.co.uk

Are Tippy Toes Ballet classes for boys and girls?

We welcome boys as well as girls.  Ballet is very beneficial for boys, they love the classes and have just as much fun.  Our classes are an excellent way to increase coordination, balance and agility, which can enhance their performance in other sports.

Can my child join mid-term?

Your child is welcome to join at any point during the term providing there is space. Fees are then calculated on a pro rata basis

Do children really benefit from ballet class?

Yes, it a great way for your child’s confidence to thrive.  Ballet is also wonderful for co-ordination and agility. We use fun and imaginative exercises and stories to promote musicality, self discipline and poise. At Tippy Toes we encourage children to express themselves and shine

What should my child wear?


For all of our little ballerinas in our Tippy Toes Ballet Twinkles, Sparkles, Twirlers & Star classes, they are welcome to wear any ballet outfit in any colour that they like. Ballet shoes are required with sewn elastics and hair should be tied off of their face in a neat ponytail, bun or plait. Boys should wear shorts and t-shirt with ballet shoes.

We sell an array of different tutu dresses, leotards and skirts in our online shop.