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Tippy Toes Ballet Teacher Series: Miss Jessica

Here at Tippy Toes Ballet we have the most amazing, talented, caring teachers, and we decided to have a little fun by asking them a few questions about themselves.

Meet the fabulous Miss Jessica

1) What do you love most about teaching little kids?

What I absolutely love about teaching little kids (especially dance) is seeing the improvement of every child dancing every week and knowing that I was able to help (even a fraction) is a very rewarding spectacle for me.

2) What is your favourite memory from your childhood ballet classes?

My favourite memory of my childhood ballet classes is when my Gran/Nan would always take me to ballet and watch me every week fall in love with ballet. I wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much if it wasn’t for her support and enthusiasm for me to do ballet.

3) Favourite part of the Tippy Toes Ballet program you will be teaching

this year. Favourite song/ dance, etc.

My favourite part of the Tippy Toes programme is getting to dance with the children using props and seeing how their imaginations shine through their pops and dancing.

4) And lastly, a FUN FACT about yourself!!

Two interesting facts about myself is that I am originally from South Africa and that I have a degree in Dance Science and Teaching from Middlesex University.

Thanks Jessica!

Love & ballet shoes,

Nicola x

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