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Tippy Toes Ballet Teacher Series: Miss Rachel

Here at Tippy Toes Ballet we have the most amazing, talented, caring teachers, and we decided to have a little fun by asking them a few questions about themselves.

Meet the fabulous Miss Rachel...

(Wow, what a beautiful ballerina!)

1) What do you love most about teaching little kids?

I love seeing the moment when a child really connects with the fact that they're doing ballet and you can start to see them taking pride in their dancing and really trying to dance their exercises with grace and poise like a ballerina would. It's very exciting to see!

2) What is your favourite memory from your childhood ballet classes?

I did a 'Pocahontas' solo in my first dance show which one of my favourite teachers taught me. I loved it and remember feeling beautiful and very proud dancing it. I can still remember all of the steps!

3) Favourite part of the Tippy Toes Ballet program you will be teaching

this year. Favourite song/ dance, etc.

My favourite song we will be dancing to this year is 'Let's go fly a kite' because it's an uplifting song which makes you want to dance. I love that the children can dance freely to this and can use scarfs to create the movements of a windy kite flying day!

4) And lastly, a FUN FACT about yourself!!

When I was at dance school I got given the nickname 'Tea leaf'(as it sounds a bit like part of my surname and possibly because I was quite small and delicate like a leaf!) It stuck so much to the point that it felt strange whenever I got called by my real name!

Thanks Miss Rachel!

Love & ballet shoes,

Nicola x

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