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Tippy Toes Ballet Teacher Series: Miss Hannah

August 29, 2022

Here at Tippy Toes Ballet, we have the most amazing, talented, caring teachers, and we decided to have a little fun by asking them a few questions about themselves.

Meet the fabulous Miss Hannah.

tippy toes ballet teacher series

1) What do you love most about teaching little kids?

The greatest reward when teaching dance to little kids is seeing them grow each week, seeing their faces light up when they master a dance step well, and I praise them. Seeing them remember corrections I’ve said and seeing them grow into individual dancers even at such a young age is hugely fulfilling as a teacher.

2) What is your favourite memory from your childhood ballet classes?

My favourite memory from my childhood ballet classes probably would be my first class where I turned up in shorts and a top, having no idea if I was going to like it or not. I was very shy and nervous. But instead fell in love with ballet straight away and took up as many ballet classes as I could as I loved it so much; it gave me the confidence to grow and to build who I am today.

Miss Hannah

3) Favourite part of the Tippy Toes Ballet program you will be teaching this year. Favourite song/ dance, etc.

My favourite dance from the Tippy Toes programme this year has to be `Let`s Go Swimming`, a super fun dance helping the children use their imagination and they loved it!

4) And lastly, a FUN FACT about yourself!!

Two fun facts about myself are that I moved away from home at 16 to pursue ballet in Scotland and the second fact is I am a big cat lover.

Thanks Hannah!

Miss Hannah teaches ballet classes in Stotfold and Hitchin, you can read more about her background and qualifications here.

Love & ballet shoes,

Nicola x

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