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Tippy Toes Ballet Teacher Series: Miss Yollie

September 13, 2023

When it comes to igniting the passion for ballet in the hearts of young children at Tippy Toes Ballet, Miss Yollie does it with sheer enthusiasm and a touch of magic. She's the kind of teacher who effortlessly transforms every plié and pirouette into a journey of joy and self-discovery for her little dancers.

In our chat with Miss Yollie, she shares what she adores most about teaching these young, budding ballet stars, takes a trip down memory lane to revisit her own ballet childhood, talks about her favourite parts of the Tippy Toes Ballet programme, and even reveals an interesting tidbit about her diverse career.

Let's discover what makes her an unforgettable part of the Tippy Toes Ballet family.

1) What do you love most about teaching little kids?

My favourite thing about teaching little kids is probably watching them grow in confidence and enthusiasm. I’ve found that some children are quite nervous, quiet and shy when they come to their first class. Then, before you know it, they’re coming in to class chatting to me all about what they’ve been up to that week and how they’re so excited to do some skipping or pliés! I find that growth really lovely and gratifying to see.

2) What is your favourite memory from your childhood ballet classes?

I think some of my favourite memories from my childhood ballet classes would have to be the last ballet classes of every term, during my primary school years. On these days, my ballet teacher would get us into groups and let us spend the whole lesson making up our own ballet dances to perform to her and all the other groups at the end of class. I always found choreographing my own routines so much fun and, later on, also loved preparing for and getting all dressed up in costumes and uniforms for dance shows and exams.

3) What is your favourite part of the Tippy Toes Ballet program you will be teaching this year? Favourite song/ dance, etc.

My favourite part of the Tippy Toes Ballet program to teach is definitely any of the dances in the ‘Pretty Props’ section. The kids just love being imaginative with the pom-poms, ribbons, wands and feathers. I feel like the focus level in the class always goes up whenever I get them out to use.

4) And lastly, a FUN FACT about yourself!!

A fun fact about me is that alongside teaching Ballet, I also work as an actress and teach Drama. I also have an undergraduate degree in Architecture and a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature. 

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